How to Request a Replacement Security Device

 The following steps are required to replace a security device which has been lost, stolen or is inoperable:

1. Notify Customer Service - you will need to contact Customer Service to arrange for a replacement device and to obtain interim access.  It's important to note that this service can only be provided via telephone and requires that the identity of the account holder be verified for security purposes. Once verified, you'll be issued a temporary passcode which  operates as static version of the code randomly generated from your permanent device and therefore required to be entered along with your user name and password upon login.

2. Obtain Online Security Code Card - the temporary passcode has a limited life (2 days for full access to Account Management and the trading platform and an additional 10 days for restricted Account Management access) intended to provide access to Account Management in order to transition to an Online Security Code Card. This Card offers enhanced protection, full Account Management functionality (including withdrawals) and provides the ability to re-activate the permanent device without additional Customer Service contact. See KB1873 for step-by-step instructions for obtaining an Online Security Code Card.

3. Request Replacement Device - Upon activating the Online Security Code Card, you will be presented with the following 4 options. Select the option titled 'Request a new Secure Login Device' and click 'Continue'.

You will then be presented with details as to type of replacement device you'll receive, the address to where it will be shipped and its projected shipping date and method. If your replacement device requires the entry of a PIN to activate (i.e. if a Digital Security Card, Digital Security Card+), you will be provided with online instructions to create a PIN and finalize your request. 


Important Notes

- As a security precaution, the replacement device is set to auto-activate shortly after its projected delivery date.  While the Online Security Code Card does not expire until after the delivery date as well, we strongly recommend that you re-activate your replacement device upon arrival to ensure uninterrupted account access. Re-activation instructions may be found in KB1942.

- If your device is lost, damaged or stolen or if you close your account and fail to return the device, a charge will be assessed to cover its cost. This charge, which is a function of the device provided, ranges from 20.00 – 150.00 USD.