My account is enrolled in the Secure Login System and I am currently accessing my account through a temporary passcode. How long will this passcode last?

IB will issue a temporary passcode to secure login system participants in the event their security device has been misplaced, lost or damaged.  The temporary passcode is intended to provide full access to both Account Management and trading platforms for a period of 2 days. After 2 days, the temporary passcode may no longer be used to access the trading platforms but may be used to access Account Management for an additional period of 10 days. The Account Management access, however, is limited solely for the purpose of printing or saving the on-line security card.

The on-line security card, in contrast, has a lifespan of 21 days, providing the account holder with an opportunity to locate the misplaced device or have the lost or damaged device replaced. Account holders who remain without their physical security device and are unable to log in using either the temporary passcode or on-line security card will need to contact Customer Service in order access the account.  


As a matter of policy, IB will not issue consecutive temporary passcodes to a given account, but rather will act to restore the account protection to the most secure level, which is that provided by the physical security device.