Setting Communication Preferences

As a convenience for customers who wish to monitor the receipt and content of communications delivered to their Message Center, IB will periodically scan your Message Center for communications which have not yet been read and send an email notifying you of them.  The frequency of these emails depends upon the  priority level of your unread communications, with a notification frequency set to hourly in the case of 'High' priority communications, once every 6 hours where the priority is 'Normal' and once every 12 hours where the priority is 'Low'.

In addition, customers may set their preference for the manner in which the content of these communications is displayed in the email.  The two preference settings available are Secure and Non-Secure: 

1. Secure - under the Secure setting the contents of the communication will not be provided in the body of the email.  The email will simply serve as a notice that the contents of the communication are available for viewing upon log into your Message Center within the secure Account Management application. 

2. Non-Secure - under the Non-Secure setting the full contents of the communication will be provided in the body of the email. While this doesn't require that you log into your Message Center to read the communication, in the event the communication is a response to an Inquiry Ticket you've initiated and you wish to provide a follow-up response, you will need to log in to post that response.



As commercial email is considered a form of communication which is inherently vulnerable to hacking, the default delivery preferences for all communications is set to Secure.  If you wish to change your delivery preferences, you may do so by first logging into Account Management and selecting the tab labeled Support and then Message Cente.  From the Message Center, click on the Preferences link located in the upper right hand corner of the screen (circled in red below).

A Message Preferences window will open which provides you the ability to specify by message type (e.g., Ticket Inquiries/Responses, General Notices, etc.) your subscription election (note that certain message types require subscription) and the available Delivery Modes by which you'd like messages sent. If a Delivery Mode of email has been selected for any message type, you will also be prompted to specify your Secure or Non-Secure delivery election to be applied to all emails regardless of message type.