Multiple 2Factor System (M2FS)


This page covers specific points on what the Multiple 2Factor System (M2-FS) is and how it functions. For general questions on the Secure Login System, please refer to KB1131.


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What is M2-FS?

M2-FS allows any client to maintain more than one active security device at the same time. No more do you have to pick and choose whether you prefer to use a physical security device or the IBKR Mobile app as either can be used interchangeably.


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For any clients with an active security device, any further device activation will result in both devices remaining active.

I currently use the Security Code Card / Digital Security Card+: Clients who currently use a physical security device, simply need to download and activate the IBKR Mobile app. Refer to the directions for Android and iOS for details.

I currently use the IB Key or the IBKR Mobile app: Clients who currently use the IB Key or IBKR Mobile app and qualify for the Digital Security Card+, can proceed to login to Account Management and request that device1 by following the instructions here.


1: The DSC+ is available to accounts with a balance greater than USD 500,000. If your account is below this limit we recommend the activation of the IBKR Mobile authentication, as explained here


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Once you have both a Physical device and the IBKR Mobile app enabled, M2-FS is represented by a drop-down menu upon login. You can now choose the device you wish to authenticate with.

  1. Enter your username and password into the trading platform2 or Account Management login screen and click Login. If correct, a drop down option will allow you to Select Second Factor Device:

    TWS Login -> Select Two Factor Device

    Account Management:
    Acct Mgmt Login -> Select Second Factor Device
  2. Once you select a security device, you will now be presented with the corresponding screen for authentication. Refer to the directions for:

    - IB Key via IBKR Mobile (iOS) 
    - IB Key via IBKR Mobile (Android)
    - Security Code Card
    - Digital Security Card+
  3. If authentication succeeds, the Log-in will now automatically proceed.

    TWS Login completes after two factor authentication

    Account Management:
    Ascct Mgmt Login completes after two factor authentication



2: Requires TWS Build 966 and above.


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Withdrawal limits

The device used to authenticate your withdrawal, will dictate the withdrawal limit at that time. See details below:

Security Device
used for Withdrawal

Maximum Withdrawal
Per Day

Maximum Withdrawal
in Five Business Days

Security Code Card USD 200,000 USD 600,000
IB Key / IBKR Mobile app USD 200,000 USD 600,000
Digital Security Card3 USD 1,000,000 USD 1,500,000
Digital Security Card+ Unlimited Unlimited
Gold Device3 Unlimited Unlimited
Platinum Device3 Unlimited Unlimited

3: Represents a legacy device that is no longer issued.


For example if you have both the IBKR Mobile app and the Digital Security Card+ enabled and need to withdrawal more than USD 200,000, you can use either device to login to Account Management but will be required to use the Digital Security Card+ to confirm your withdrawal request.


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M2-FS provides even more flexibility to IB's Secure Login System by allowing you to choose what security device you want to authenticate with. In addition to the convenience of using a device which is trusted and routinely accessible, you can eliminate delays associated with authenticating at times a trade needs to be entered quickly.


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IBKR Mobile Authentication (IB Key) recovery


The recovery procedure explained in this article is required in case:

A) You have reinstalled the IBKR Mobile app on the same smartphone
B) Your smartphone Operating System has been updated



In order to re-enable IB Key authentication via IBKR Mobile, please click on one of the below links, according to your smartphone Operating System


Apple iOS

  1. Launch the IBKR Mobile app. Whenever possible, the app will ask you to recover the setup. Tap Yes
  2. According to your phone hardware capabilities, you will be prompted to provide the security element originally used to secure the app (Fingerprint, Face ID, PIN). Please follow the on-screen instructions for this step
  3. If the reactivation has been successfully completed, you will see a confirmation message. Tap Done to finalize the procedure

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  1. Launch the IBKR Mobile app. Whenever possible, the app will ask you to recover the setup. Tap Recover Setup
  2. Review the Recovery directions and tap Continue
  3. Enter your credentials and tap Initialize Recovery
  4. You will receive an text message (SMS)containing an Activation Token. Enter it in the Activation Code field. According to your phone operating system and hardware capabilities, you might be prompted to provide as well the security element you originally used to secure the app (PIN, Fingerprint). Once done, tap Submit
  5. If the reactivation has been successfully completed, you will see a confirmation message. Tap Done to finalize the procedure

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  • See KB2260 for general instructions on how to use IBKR Mobile Authentication
  • See KB3073 for instructions on how to migrate the IB Key / IBKR Mobile authentication to a new smartphone

Cache Maintenance for IB apps on Android


This procedure has proved to work as a solution for several issues, since it produces a complete reset of the malfunctioning IBKR app.


For Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) and higher

1.  Go to your phone's Settings Menu

2.  Below the Phone section, select Applications MOVED TO... Application Manager
Select Applications  Application Manager

3.  Scroll down and select the corresponding IB app which needs to be reset.


4.  Tap on Storage


5.  Tap on Clear Data MOVED TO... OK

6.  Confirm Data has been cleared.


7.  Reboot the phone

8.  Re-Launch app



For Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and previous versions

  1. Go to your phone Settings Menu
  2. Below the Device section, select Apps
    Select Apps
  3. Scroll down and select the corresponding IB app which needs to be reset.
  4. Tap on Clear data MOVED TO... OK
    Clear App data  Delete app data -> OK
  5. Confirm Data has been cleared
    Confirm Data cleared
  6. Reboot Phone
  7. Re-Launch app

Note: If after clearing the cache, manually adjusting the permissions and restarting your Android Device, the issue persists, please contact IB Customer Service  for further troubleshooting.

Related Articles:

  • For IB Key on Android overview refer to KB2277
  • For IB Key Recovery process on Android refer to KB2748


Информация и политика по работе с устройствами безопасности


Информация об отдельных устройствах


  • IB Key



  • Использование приложения IB Key на смартфоне Android: KB2277
  • Использование приложения IB Key на Apple iPhone: KB2278




  • Цифровая карта безопасности+ (DSC+)

  • Использование Вашей цифровой карты безопасности:  KB2634
  • Как изменить PIN-код для карты DSC+: KB1018
  • Как возвратить неисправную карту DSC+ в Interactive Brokers: KB975
  • Карта кодов безопасности (SLS)

  • Использование Вашей карты кодов безопасности: KB1042
  • Как перейти на приложение IB Key (система аутентификации для смартфонов): KB2260

Общие процедуры

  • Информация о "Системе безопасного входа": KB1131 или 
  • Запрос временного доступа к счету или замещающего устройства: KB70
  • Как долго действует временный код доступа: KB69
  • Запрос онлайн-карты кодов в случае утери Вашего устройства защиты: KB1873
  • Повторная активация Вашего устройства: KB1875
  • Запрос замещающего устройства защиты в случае неисправности или утери Вашего: KB1943
  • Использование устройства безопасного входа несколькими пользователями: KB2481
  • Что делать, если у Вас несколько устройств безопасного входа: KB1731
  • Как заново присоединиться к "Системе безопасного входа": KB2545
  • Меры предосторожности при частичном отказе от участия в "Системе безопасного входа": KB1198
  • Связаны ли с устройствами безопасности какие-либо сборы или выплаты? KB1861
  • Проблемы при входе в "Управление счетом": KB1132
  • Проблемы при входе в торговую платформу: KB1133









  •  IB Key


  • 如何在Android智能手機上操作您的IB Key:KB2277
  • 如何在Apple iPhone上操作您的IB Key:KB2278



  • 數碼安全卡+(DSC+)

  • 如何操作您的DSC+:KB2634
  • 如何更改DSC+的PIN碼:KB1018
  • 如何將有缺陷的DSC+返還給盈透證券:KB975
  • 安全登錄系統(SLS)卡片

  • 如何操作您的SLS卡片:KB1042
  • 如何升級至IB Key(智能手機驗證系統):KB2260


  • 安全登錄系統概述 
  • 如何請求臨時賬戶訪問或替換設備:KB70
  • 我的臨時密碼可以用多久:KB69
  • 如果找不到安全設備該如何請求在線安全代碼卡:KB1873
  • 如何重新激活您的設備:KB1875
  • 如果設備存在缺陷或已丟失該如何請求替換設備:KB1943
  • 如何在兩個或以上使用者之間共享安全登錄設備:KB2481
  • 如果有多個安全登錄設備該怎麼做:KB1731
  • 如何重新選擇加入安全登錄系統:KB2545
  • SLS部分退出后的安全考慮:KB1198
  • 是否有任何與安全設備相關的收費或支出?KB1861
  • 如何排解賬戶管理登錄失敗故障:KB1132
  • 如何排解交易平台登錄失敗故障:KB1133






  •  IB Key


  • 如何在Android智能手机上操作您的IB Key:KB2277
  • 如何在Apple iPhone上操作您的IB Key:KB2278



  • 数码安全卡+(DSC+)

  • 如何操作您的DSC+:KB2634
  • 如何更改DSC+的PIN码:KB1018
  • 如何将有缺陷的DSC+返还给盈透证券:KB975
  • 安全登录系统(SLS)卡片

  • 如何操作您的SLS卡片:KB1042
  • 如何升级至IB Key(智能手机验证系统):KB2260


  • 安全登录系统概述 
  • 如何请求临时账户访问或替换设备:KB70
  • 我的临时密码可以用多久:KB69
  • 如果找不到安全设备该如何请求在线安全代码卡:KB1873
  • 如何重新激活您的设备:KB1875
  • 如果设备存在缺陷或已丢失该如何请求替换设备:KB1943
  • 如何在两个或以上使用者之间共享安全登录设备:KB2481
  • 如果有多个安全登录设备该怎么做:KB1731
  • 如何重新选择加入安全登录系统:KB2545
  • SLS部分退出后的安全考虑:KB1198
  • 是否有任何与安全设备相关的收费或支出?KB1861
  • 如何排解账户管理登录失败故障:KB1132
  • 如何排解交易平台登录失败故障:KB1133


Información y procedimientos relacionados con los dispositivos de seguridad


Procedimientos específicos por dispositivo


  • IB Key



  • Cómo utilizar su IB Key en un teléfono Android: KB2277
  • Cómo utilizar su IB Key en un iPhone de Apple: KB2278





  • Tarjeta de seguridad digital+

  • Cómo utilizar su DSC+:  KB2634
  • Cómo cambiar el código PIN de su DSC+: KB1018
  • Cómo devolver una DSC+ defectuosa a Interactive Brokers: KB975
  • Tarjeta SAS

  • Cómo utilizar su tarjeta SAS: KB1042
  • Cómo cambiar a IB Key (sistema de autentificación para teléfonos inteligentes): KB2260

Procedimientos comunes

  • Resumen de sistema de acceso seguro: KB1131 o 
  • Cómo solicitar un acceso temporal a la cuenta o un dispositivo de reemplazo: KB70
  • Cuánto tiempo funcionará mi código temporal: KB69
  • Cómo solicitar una tarjeta de código de seguridad en línea en caso de que extravíe su dispositivo de seguridad: KB1873
  • Cómo reactivar su dispositivo: KB1875
  • Cómo solicitar un reemplazo en caso de que su dispositivo sea defectuoso o se haya perdido: KB1943
  • Cómo compartir el dispositivo de acceso seguro entre dos o más usuarios: KB2481
  • Qué hacer si tiene múltiples dispositivos de acceso seguro: KB1731
  • Cómo incorporarse al sistema de acceso seguro: KB2545
  • Consideraciones de seguridad tras optar por la no participación parcial en el SAS: KB1198
  • ¿Hay cargos o gastos asociados con los dispositivos de seguridad? KB1861
  • Cómo resolver fallos de conexión a Gestión de Cuenta: KB1132
  • Cómo resolver fallos de conexión a la plataforma de negociación: KB1133



Informations et procédures liées aux dispositifs de sécurité


Procédures selon le type d'appareil


  • IB Key


  • Comment utiliser l'IB Key sur un smartphone Android : KB2277
  • Comment utiliser l'IB Key sur un iPhone Apple : KB2278



  • Digital Security Card+

  • Comment utiliser la carte de sécurité DSC+ :  KB2634
  • Comment modifier le code Pin d'une carte de sécurité DSC+ : KB1018
  • Comment retourner une carte de sécurité DSC+ défectueuse à Interactive Brokers : KB975
  • Carte système d'accès sécurisé (SLS)

  • Comment utiliser votre carte système d'accès sécurisé (SLS) : KB1042
  • Comment passer à l'IB Key (système d'authentification pour smartphones) : KB2260

Procédures fréquemment utilisées

  • Aperçu du système d'accès sécurisé (SLS) :  KB1131 ou 
  • Comment dois-je procéder pour demander un accès temporaire à un compte ou un appareil de remplacement ? KB70
  • Combien de temps mon code temporaire sera-t-il valide ? KB69
  • Comment demander une carte temporaire de sécurité en ligne si vous perdez votre appareil de sécurité : KB1873
  • Comment réactiver votre appareil : KB1875
  • Comment demander un appareil de remplacement si ce dernier est défectueux ou que vous l'avez perdu : KB1943
  • Comment deux ou plusieurs utilisateurs peuvent se partager un appareil de connexion sécurisée : KB2481
  • Que dois-je faire si je dispose de plusieurs appareils de connexion sécurisée ? KB1731
  • Comment bénéficier de nouveau du système d'accès sécurisé : KB2545
  • Conséquences sur la sécurité d'un arrêt partiel de l'utilisation du système d'accès sécurisé (SLS) : KB1198
  • L'utilisation d'un appareil de sécurité entraîne-t-il des frais ou dépenses ? KB1861
  • Ce qu'il faut faire en cas de problèmes d'échec de connexion à la Gestion de compte : KB1132
  • Ce qu'il faut faire en cas d'échec de connexion à la plateforme de trading : KB1133



Informazioni e procedure relative ai dispositivi di sicurezza


Procedure relative ai dispositivi


  • IB Key



  • Funzionamento del proprio dispositivo IB Key su smartphone Android: KB2277
  • Funzionamento del proprio dispositivo IB Key su iPhone Apple: KB2278





  • Carta di sicurezza digitale+

  • Funzionamento del proprio dispositivo DSC+:  KB2634
  • Come modificare il codice PIN del proprio dispositivo DSC+: KB1018
  • Come restituire un dispositivo DSC+ difettoso a Interactive Brokers: KB975
  • Carta SLS

  • Funzionamento della propria carta SLS: KB1042
  • Come passare a IB Key (sistema di autenticazione per dispositivi smartphone): KB2260

Procedure comuni

  • Panoramica sul Sistema di accesso sicuro: KB1131 o 
  • Come richiedere l'accesso temporaneo al conto o la sostituzione del proprio dispositivo: KB70
  • Durata del proprio Codice di accesso temporaneo: KB69
  • Come richiedere una Carta codici di sicurezza online in caso di smarrimento del proprio dispositivo si sicurezza: KB1873
  • Riattivazione del proprio dispositivo: KB1875
  • Come richiedere la sostituzione di un dispositivo danneggiato o smarrito: KB1943
  • Condivisione del Dispositivo di accesso sicuro tra due o più utenti: KB2481
  • Procedura in caso di possesso di molteplici Dispositivi di accesso sicuro: KB1731
  • Come passare nuovamente al Sistema di accesso sicuro: KB2545
  • Considerazioni di sicurezza in merito alla rinuncia parziale al SLS: KB1198
  • Oneri e spese associati ai dispositivi di sicurezza: KB1861
  • Come risolvere i problemi di accesso a Gestione conto: KB1132
  • Come risolvere i problemi di accesso alla piattaforma di trading: KB1133



Sicherheitsgeräte: Informationen und Verfahren


Spezifische Verfahren zu verschiedenen Geräten


  • IB Key



  • Verwendung von IB Key auf einem Android-Smartphone: KB2277
  • Verwendung von IB Key auf einem Apple iPhone: KB2278



  • Digital Security Card+

  • Verwendung Ihrer DSC+:  KB2634
  • Änderung des PIN-Codes der DSC+: KB1018
  • Rücksendung einer defekten DSC+ an Interactive Brokers: KB975


  • SLS-Karte

  • Benutzung Ihrer SLS-Karte: KB1042
  • Upgrade auf IB Key (Smartphone-Authentifizierungssystem): KB2260

Allgemeine Verfahren

  • Überblick über das Secure-Login-System: KB1131 oder 
  • Über diese Kommunikationskanäle können Sie einen temporären Kontozugang oder ein Ersatzgerät beantragen: KB70
  • Gültigkeitsdauer des temporären Zugangscodes: KB69
  • So beantragen Sie eine Online-Sicherheitscodekarte im Falle des Verlusts Ihres Sicherheitsgerätes: KB1873
  • So können Sie Ihr Sicherheitsgerät reaktivieren: KB1875
  • So können Sie ein Ersatzgerät bei Verlust oder Funktionsunfähigkeit Ihres Gerätes beantragen: KB1943
  • Gemeinsame Verwendung eines Sicherheitsgerätes für mehrere Benutzer: KB2481
  • Besitz und Verwendung mehrerer Sicherheitsgeräte gleichzeitig: KB1731
  • So können Sie sich wieder für das Secure-Login-System anmelden: KB2545
  • Sicherheitsaspekte bei einer teilweisen Deaktivierung des SLS: KB1198
  • Fallen im Zusammenhang mit Sicherheitsgeräten Kosten oder Gebühren an? KB1861
  • Problembehebung bei Fehlschlagen des Logins in die Kontoverwaltung: KB1132
  • Problembehebung bei Fehlschlagen des Logins in die Trading-Plattform: KB1133



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