How to share a security device


IB allows individuals to maintain multiple user names within a single account or across distinct accounts under their control.  While each user name would ordinarily be assigned its own security device, individuals who do not wish to maintain multiple devices may elect to consolidate and share a single device for each of their user names.  The steps and prerequisites for sharing devices are outlined below.


The possibility of sharing the Security Device will be granted only if the participant users belong either to the same entity or to different entities but with the same identification data (Date of Birth, Citizenship, Country of Legal Residence, Identification Document type and number or Social Security Number for US Citizens and residents). 

If different device types are involved, the one offering the highest level of protection must be shared. In case all the devices offer the same level of protection, whichever of them can be eligible to be shared. 

Note: For clients using the IB Key app as security device, please be aware of the following:
1. The IB Key app cannot be shared with an user protected with a Digital Security Card+. It can only be shared with users protected with Security Code Card.
2. If you want to enable IB Key for multiple users, you do not use this Security device Sharing procedure, since the IB Key allows you to enable multiple users directly from the main menu of the app itself (menu item: Enable user).  



In order to share a security device, proceed as follows:

1. Among the possible candidates, identify the device offering the highest level of protection and the user that device belongs to. Below you can see a table where our Security Device are sorted in a descending order, from the highest to the lowest protection level:

- Digital Security Card+
- IB Key
- Security Code Card

2. Log into the Account Management page with the requesting user (NOT the user which owns the device, but the one which you want to share it with)

3. Click on Manage Account --> Security --> Secure Login System --> Security Device Sharing.
Go to Security > Secure Login System > Security Device Sharing

4. Enter the credentials of the user which owns the Security Device which is going to be shared and click on Continue.
Enter credentials for the user that owns the security device

5. You will be then requested to enter a Security Code generated by the Device which is going to be shared. Once you have generated and entered the code, click on Continue.
Authenticate with the security device then click continue

6. Once you have reviewed the correctness of the information entered, click on Continue.
Review the sharing request made and click Continue

7. This last screen will show you the status of your request. Clicking on Continue will bring you back to the Account Management Home page.
Status of the Token Share Request made



A. In most of the cases your device sharing request is automatically and immediately approved, processed and enforced by the system. There are as well cases where the request needs the approval of our Compliance department. In those cases, the status of the request can be seen from the Account Management page, section Manage Account --> Security --> Secure Login System --> Security Device Sharing. 

B. Once the device sharing request has been processed, you could keep the redundant device/s in a safe place. In the future you might decide to cancel the device sharing and reactivate those devices instead. If you do not feel the need to store them, you can send them (Only DSC+) back to us following the instructions contained on this page:

C. Below we are listing the most common error messages and the course of action they require: 
Error when attempting to token share with a less secure device.

This error is returned if you set up the less secure token as the one to be shared. Please refer to point 1. of the procedure above to identify the most secure device. You can then attempt to share that one.


Error when attempting to token share with a different identity.

This error is returned if the identification data of the entities/individuals involved in the sharing does not match. If the users belongs to different entities/individuals, please notice that the token sharing will NOT be possible by design.

If the entities/individuals are the same, the identification data mismatch could be due, for example, to an outdated identification document on record. In this case, you can contact our Customer Support to have the data rectified.