VOLUME – Calculation of Shares Traded

At first glance, the number of shares executed in a given time period would seem to be a straightforward calculation. The simplest definition of volume is the number of shares traded from one point in time to another point in time. However, several variables affect the calculation.

Market conditions may cause a calculation of volume to differ among data providers. For example, the two plans that manage the US Consolidated equities market have different number of, and definition for, trade reporting codes. In addition, data distributors often include variables such as odd lots, corrections, cash trades, or pre-/post-market trades in the volume calculation.

Numbers can become more visible in light volume or over time. For example, what was volume as of 09:37?

Time Symbol Quantity Price
9:35 XYZ 1000 19.90
9:36 XYZ -1000 19.90
9:37 XYZ 1000 19.80

Depending on the distributor, the volume at 09:37 could be:

  • 1000 shares if the distributor corrects the volume for corrections
  • 2000 shares if the distributor only counts positive numbers
  • 3000 shares if the distributor reflects the total of all prints expressed as a positive number

This may be a simplified example, but understanding how a distributor calculates volume will help the volume calculation serve as an indicator of market direction.

Alternative Streaming Quotes for US Equities


The SEC Vendor Display Rule requires that brokers give clients access to the NBBO at the point of order entry. In order to provide users with free live streaming market data, we cannot display this free stream when entering an order without the client subscribing to the paid NBBO.


Under the Rule 603(c) of Regulation NMS (Vendor Display Rule), when a broker is providing quotation information to clients that can be used to assess the current market or the quality of trade execution, reliance on non-consolidated market information as the source of that quotation would not be consistent with the Vendor Display Rule.

Therefore and according to FINRA's enforcement of the SEC rule, any client of a broker that is purchasing real-time quotes must buy the NBBO real-time services when making trading decisions.

All clients have access to streaming US equity quotes from the four CBOE exchanges and IEX at no charge. Since this data does not include all markets, we cannot show this quote when entering parameters for a US stock quote. Order routing will not change based on what is shown on the screen. If one is subscribed to NBBO quotes or not, by default the trade will still take place with the assistance of the SMART order router designed to provide the best price for the order.

Please see the sample screenshots below from TWS Classic and TWS Mosaic for what occurs when placing an order without the NBBO streaming subscription for US equities. 

TWS Classic:

1. Screenshot of quotes showing without order entry line item

2. Screenshot of quote going blank when putting in the order entry line item

TWS Mosaic:

1. Screenshot of quotes showing without order entry line item

2. Screenshot of quote going blank when putting in the order entry line item







  • 直近取引価格
  • 直近数量
  • 直近の取引所
  • 現在のビッド-アスク
  • 現在のビッド-アスクそれぞれの数量
  • 現在のビッド-アスクそれぞれの取引所



サービス 制限 クオートリクエストあたりの料金(USD)1
AMEX (Network B/CTA)   $0.01
ASX Total ASX24へのアクセスなし
Bolsa de Madrid   $0.03
Canadian Exchange Group (TSX/TSXV) IBカナダのクライアントではない一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
CBOT Real-Time   $0.03
CME Real-Time   $0.03
COMEX Real-Time   $0.03
Eurex Core 一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
Euronext Basic 一般投資家のみ利用可能

German ETF's and Indices 一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
Hong Kong (HKFE) Derivatives   $0.03
Hong Kong Securities Exchange (Stocks, Warrants, Bonds)   $0.03
Johannesburg Stock Exchange   $0.03
Montreal Derivatives 一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
NASDAQ (Network C/UTP)   $0.01
Nordic Derivatives   $0.03
Nordic Equity   $0.03
NYMEX Real-Time   $0.03
NYSE (Network A/CTA)   $0.01
OPRA (US Options Exchanges)   $0.03
Shanghai Stock Exchange 5 Second Snapshot (via HKEx)   $0.03
Shenzhen Stock Exchange 3 Second Snapshot (via HKEx)   $0.03
SIX Swiss Exchange 一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
Spot Market Germany (Frankfurt/Xetra) 一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
STOXX Index Real-Time Data 一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
Toronto Stk Exchange IBカナダのクライアントである一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
TSX Venture Exchange IBカナダのクライアントである一般投資家のみ利用可能 $0.03
UK LSE (IOB) Equities   $0.03
UK LSE Equities   $0.03




  • スナップショット・クオートのリクエストには、最低でもUSD 10.00、または相当額の資産を保有している必要があります。
  • スナップショット・クオート機能にはTWSバージョン976.0以上が必要です。



  • クオート料金の計算は後日になり、通常はスナップショットサービスが利用された翌月の一週目に発生します。月額料金をカバーする現金残高や貸付金額を含む資産価値が十分にない口座は、ポジション強制決済の対象になります。
  • AMEX (Network B/CTA)、NASDAQ (Network C/UTP)およびNYSE (Network A/CTA)の月額料金には上限が設けられており、スナップショットバンドルサービスの利用回数が多い月でストリーミングサービスにかかる料金に達した場合、その月の終わりまでストリーミングサービスのご提供となります。ストリーミングサービスへは、スナップショットサービスの料金が上限に達した翌日の米国東部標準時18:30頃に切り替わります。ストリーミングサービスは月末の時点で自動的に終了し、リクエストベースのスナップショットサービスに対する料金計算が再開します。各サービスの上限は別計算となりますので、1回のクオートサービスで発生する料金が、別のタイプのサービスの上限計算に含まれることはありません。詳細は以下の表をご覧ください。
サービス クオートリクエストあたりの料金(USD) 一般投資家の上限(リクエスト/合計費用)2 プロフェッショナル購読者の上限(リクエスト/合計費用)3
AMEX (Network B/CTA) $0.01 150/$1.50 2,300/$23.00
NASDAQ (Network C/UTP) $0.01 150/$1.50 2,500/$25.00
NYSE (Network A/CTA) $0.01 150/$1.50 4,500/$4,500

 2「U.S. Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle」の購読が必要になります。
 3「U.S. Securities Snapshot Bundle」の購読が必要になります。



デスクトップ取引 - TWS(クラシック):







上記の例のGOOGは、NASDAQ(Network C/UTP)上場の株式になり、スナップショットのリクエストあたり0.01 USDが発生します。

  • 一般購読家のお客様はGOOGのスナップショット、またはNASDAQ(Network C/UTP)上場のその他の株式のスナップショットをあと149回リクエストすることができ、これを超えるとストリーミングサービスに変わります。
  • プロフェッショナルのお客様の場合はGOOGのスナップショット、またはNASDAQ(Network C/UTP)上場のその他の株式のスナップショットをあと2499回リクエストすることができ、これを超えるとストリーミングサービスに変わります。



デスクトップ取引 - TWS(モザイク):

















ウェブ取引 - WebTrader:






モバイル取引 - IBKRモバイルアプリ:





FTSE Indices at IBKR

IBKR does not make available real-time index levels for indices published by the FTSE Group. This is due to the disproportionately high licensing fees FTSE would require of IBKR.

Affected indices are the FTSE 100 and the FTSE MIB 40.

You may instead refer to the “Last” prices for IBKR CFDs IBGB100 and IBIT40 respectively, which are the mid-points of the CFD quotes, and an accurate real-time reflection of traded prices for the futures contracts related to these indices.

Specifically, the Index CFD quotes are based on synthetic indices calculated by back-adjusting the price of the related near-month future for fair value.

In the futures market, fair value is the equilibrium price for a futures contract. It is the price at which an investor effectively pays the appropriate rate of interest, and is compensated for the dividends he forgoes by holding the future rather than the underlying shares. To create the synthetic indices, the fair value adjustment is reversed.

The result is not necessarily exactly the same value as the cash index, in particular because the future may trade above or below its fair value. But as noted above, it is an accurate real-time reflection of the markets related to the index.

While you cannot compare e.g. the IBGB100 directly to the FTSE 100 in TWS (since we do not display the latter), you can observe the relationship between other Index CFDs and cash indices by comparing, for example, the IBUS500 to the S&P 500 index.




仕組としては以下のようになります: データ購読の開始に必要となる最低資産に達している口座は、購読料金の支払いおよびこれの維持に必要となる資金をカバーするだけの残高がある限り、購読を維持することができます。 口座資金が購読維持に必要な金額を下回った場合には、少なくとも購読開始時の残高まで、資金を回復させる必要があります。





口座タイプ 開始時資産2


個人 $2,000 $500
金融アドバイザー $500 $500
フレンズ&ファミリーアドバイザー $200 $200
紹介ブローカー(Introducing Broker)クライアント $200 $200
IBインド個人クライアント $500 $100

1 米ドル建てになっていますが、米ドル以外の基準通貨建ての口座には、米ドル相当額で適用されます。

2 購読開始に必要となる額、または維持に必要となるレベルを下回った後に購読を再開するための金額を表示しています。

3 購読開始以降の購読更新に必要となる金額を表示しています。

Market Data - Minimum Equity Threshold


As a matter of policy, and to minimize the likelihood of a low-balance account falling out of margin compliance and being subject to forced liquidations, IBKR enforces a minimum equity requirement as a prerequisite for subscribing to real-time market data.

This requirement works as follows: Once an account has met the minimum equity requirement necessary to subscribe to data, it is allowed to maintain those subscriptions as long as it has the funds available to pay for those subscriptions and its equity remains above the minimum level.  Once equity falls below the minimum level, it will be required to restore equity to at least the minimum level before resuming subscriptions.

While clients are not required to subscribe to real-time quotes through IBKR as a condition of trading, those that do are encouraged to maintain equity well above the maintenance level to avoid any fluctuations that would impair continuity of subscriptions.

Minimum equity thresholds vary by account type and are outlined in the table below.



Market Data Equity Thresholds1
Account Type


Individual (unless listed below) $500
Financial Advisor $500
Financial Advisor Client Account $500
Institutional and/or Organizational Account $500
Friends & Family Advisor $200
Introducing Broker Clients $200
Individual client of IB India $100

1 Denominated in USD, but applied in USD equivalent for accounts with a Base Currency other than USD.

2 Represents amount necessary to qualify for subscription renewal in any month following initiation.

Cryptocurrency Products Market Data




  • Non-Professional
    • Level 1: OTC Markets (NP,L1)
    • Level 1: US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle (NP,L1)
    • Level 2: OTC Markets (NP,L2)
    • Level 2: Global OTC and OTC Markets (NP,L2)
  • Professional
    • Level 1: OTC Markets (P,L1)
    • Level 1: Professional US Securities Snapshot Bundle (P,L1)
    • Level 2: OTC Markets (P,L2)
    • Level 2: Global OTC and OTC Markets (P,L2)



  • Non-Professional
    • Level 1: Nordic Equity (NP,L1)
    • Level 2: Nordic Equity (NP,L2)
  • Professional
    • Level 1: Nordic Equity (P,L1)
    • Level 2: Nordic Equity (P,L2)


  • Non-Professional
    • Level 1: Nordic Equity (NP,L1)
    • Level 2: Nordic Equity (NP,L2)
  • Professional
    • Level 1: Nordic Equity (P,L1)
    • Level 2: Nordic Equity (P,L2)


  • Non-Professional
    • Level 1: Nordic Equity (NP,L1)
    • Level 2: Nordic Equity (NP,L2)
  • Professional
    • Level 1: Nordic Equity (P,L1)
    • Level 2: Nordic Equity (P,L2)




  • Non-Professional
    • CME Real-Time Non-Professional Level 1
    • US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle (NP,L1)
  • Professional
    • CME Real-Time Professional Level 2 (There is no CME Pro level 1 product)


  • Non-Professional
    • FWB: Spot Market Germany (Frankfurt/Xetra)(NP,L1)
    • SWB: Stuttgart Boerse incl. Euwax (SWB) (NP,L1)
  • Professional
    • FWB: Spot Market Germany (Frankfurt/Xetra) (P,L1)
    • SWB: Stuttgart Boerse incl. Euwax (SWB) (P,L1)





  • Non-Professional
    • Level 1: CME Real-Time Non-Professional Level 1
    • Level 1: US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle (NP,L1)
    • Level 2: CME Real-Time Non-Professional Level 2
    • Level 2: US Value Bundle PLUS (NP,L2)
      • Requires US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle
      • This is only for depth of book
  • Professional
    • Level 2: CME Real-Time Professional Level 2 (There is no CME Pro level 1 product)


  • Non-Professional
    • ICE Futures US (NP)
  • Professional
    • ICE Futures US (P)

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Connecticut Sales and Use Tax

The state of Connecticut imposes a sales and use tax which is applicable to online access to information including all data and access fees.

The tax rate as of 2017 is 1% and is applicable to clients with the state of legal residency of Connecticut or a Connecticut permanent/resident address.

The sales and use tax will be applied to all research and market data subscriptions as well as special connections such as VPN, IB Gateway, Extranet and Dedicated Leased Lines.

The sales and use tax will be passed through to client accounts at the time of the subscription billing. The tax is only applicable if a monthly fee is charged, therefore should an account receive a waiver the sales and use tax will similarly be waived.



Delayed Market Data Timing


Market data vendors typically offer exchange data in two categories, real-time and delayed. Real-time market data is disseminated as soon as the information is publicly available. Delayed market data is on a time lag that is usually 10-20 minutes behind real-time quotes.

Some exchanges allow delayed data to be displayed without any market data subscription, free of charge. A list of the exchanges we provide delayed data for at no cost and without formal request (i.e., the delayed data will be displayed upon entry of the product symbol on the trading platform) are outlined in the table below. The table also includes the corresponding real-time subscription, the fees for which are posted on IBKR's public website

Please Note:

  • Delayed quotes are not provided for U.S. stocks in IBLLC accounts or any IBKR account where the client resides in the U.S. due to FINRA regulations.
  • Delayed quotes should be used for indicative purposes and not necessarily for trading. The times mentioned may be subject to further delays without notice.



The Americas

External Exchange Name IB Exchange Name Delay Period Real Time Subscription
CBOT ECBOT 10 minutes CBOT Real-Time
CBOE Futures Exchange CFE 10 minutes CFE Enhanced
Market Data Express (MDX) CBOE 10 minutes CBOE Market Data Express Indices
CME GLOBEX 10 minutes CME Real-Time
COMEX NYMEX 10 minutes COMEX Real-Time
ICE US NYBOT 10 minutes ICE Futures U.S. (NYBOT)
Mexican Derivatives Exchange MEXDER 15 minutes Mexican Derivatives Exchange
Mexican Stock Exchange MEXI 20 minutes Mexican Stock Exchange
Montreal Exchange CDE 15 minutes Montreal Exchange
NYMEX NYMEX 10 minutes NYMEX Real-Time
NYSE GIF NYSE 15 minutes NYSE Global Index Feed
One Chicago ONE 10 minutes OneChicago
OPRA OPRA 15 minutes OPRA Top of Book (L1) (US Option Exchanges)
OTC Markets PINK 15 minutes OTC Markets
Toronto Stock Exchange TSE 15 minutes Toronto Stock Exchange
Venture Exchange VENTURE 15 minutes TSX Venture Exchange



External Exchange Name IB Exchange Name Delay Period Real Time Subscription
BATS Europe BATE/CHIX 15 minutes European (BATS/Chi-X) Equities
Boerse Stuttgart SWB 15 minutes Stuttgart Boerse incl. Euwax (SWB)
Bolsa de Madrid BM 15 minutes Bolsa de Madrid
Borsa Italiana BVME/IDEM 15 minutes Borsa Italiana (BVME stock / SEDEX / IDEM deriv)
Budapest Stock Exchange BUX 15 minutes Budapest Stock Exchange
Eurex DTB/SOFFEX 15 minutes Eurex Real-Time Information
Euronext AEB/SBF/MATIF/BELFOX 15 minutes Euronext Cash
Euronext AEB/SBF/MATIF/BELFOX 15 minutes Euronext Data Bundle
Frankfurt Stock Exchange and XETRA FWB/IBIS/XETRA 15 minutes Spot Market Germany (Frankfurt/Xetra)
ICE Futures Europe (Commodities) IPE 10 minutes ICE Futures E.U. - Commodities (IPE)
ICE Futures Europe (Financials) ICEEU 10 minutes ICE Futures E.U. – Financials (LIFFE)
LSE LSE 15 minutes LSE UK
LSEIOB LSEIOB 15 minutes LSE International
MEFF MEFF 15 minutes BME (MEFF)
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Derivatives OMS 15 minutes Nordic Derivatives
Prague Stock Exchange PRA 15 minutes Prague Stock Exchange Cash Market
SWISS Exchange EBS/VIRTX 15 minutes SIX Swiss Exchange
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE 15 minutes Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Turquoise ECN TRQXCH/TRQXDE/TRQXEN 15 minutes Turquoise ECNs
Warsaw Stock Exchange WSE 15 minutes Warsaw Stock Exchange



External Exchange Name IB Exchange Name Delay Period Real Time Subscription
Australian Stock Exchange ASX 20 minutes ASX Total
Hang Seng Indices HKFE-IND 15 minutes Hang Seng Indexes
Hong Kong Futures Exchange HKFE 15 minutes Hong Kong Derivatives (Fut & Opt)
Hong Kong Stock Exchange SEHK 15 minutes Hong Kong Securities Exchange (Stocks, Warrants & Bonds)
Korea Stock Exchange KSE 20 minutes Korea Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of India NSE 15 minutes National Stock Exchange of India, Capital Market Segment
Osaka Securities Exchange OSE.JPN 20 minutes Osaka Exchange
SGX Derivatives SGX 10 minutes Singapore Exchange (SGX) - Derivatives
Shanghai Stock Exchange SEHKNTL 15 minutes Shanghai Stock Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange SEHKSZSE 15 minutes Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Singapore Stock Exchange SGX 10 minutes Singapore Exchange (SGX) - Stocks
Sydney Futures Exchange SNFE 10 minutes ASX24 Commodities and Futures
Tokyo Stock Exchange TSEJ 20 minutes Tokyo Stock Exchange

Chicago Personal Property Tax

Chicago has a personal property tax which applies to a non-possessory computer lease by a Chicago resident. The Chicago tax authorities have ruled that tax is to be applied in cases where a customer pays for electronic research/use of an interactive site. The passive receipt or streaming of information is not subject to the tax.

Clients whose permanent residential address or principal business address is Chicago will have this tax passed through to their accounts.

The tax rate, as of October 2017, is 9%. The tax will be charged on the research and news feeds a client is subscribed to. Should a research and news feed be eligible to a waiver based upon commissions generated, the tax will not be applied.

As of October 2017, research and news subscriptions which would be subject to the tax would include

Base IBIS Research Platform and the IBIS Research Essentials Subscription Bundle
Dow Jones News Service
Dow Jones Real Time News
US Press Release Feed
Reuters Global Newswire
Reuters StreetEvents Calendars
Reuters Fundamentals
Reuters Basic Newfeed
Morningstar Equity, ETF and Credit Reports
Wall Street Horizons
Zacks Equity Research Reports

The above list is provided on a best efforts basis and is subject to change. Clients will be responsible for any pass through tax regardless of any discrepancy from the list provided above.


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