PIN Guidelines

Certain security devices used for accessing your IBKR account require the creation of a numeric or alphanumeric PIN code at the point of request or activation.

The PIN is intended as an additional layer of protection as it effectively prevents unauthorized individuals who may inadvertently come into possession of your device from operating it. It’s therefore important to select a PIN which you can easily remember, yet which is difficult for others to guess.

Outlined below are a series of guidelines or best practices to be taken into consideration when creating your PIN:

  • Do not use your own date of birth
  • Do not use the date of birth of your children or any other immediate family member
  • Do not use parts of your personal or business address, such as street name and number, ZIP and/or Postal Code
  • Do not use any part of your Citizen ID (such as SSN or ID document number)
  • Do not use phone numbers

For the non-numeric part of the PIN, avoid using:

  • Your, your family's or relatives initials, the name of your city or of sports teams
  • Your, your family's or relatives first and/or last names


We recommend including lower and upper case letters and numbers.

A common way to construct a memorable PIN that corresponds to those requirements is to construct a sentence and then use the first letters of its words.



IBKR Mobile Authentication


Table of contents



The security of your assets and personal information is of utmost concern to IBKR and we are committed to taking the steps necessary to make certain that you are protected from the moment you open your account.  A key component of protection is the Secure Login System (SLS), a login process which relies upon Two-Factor Authentication to prevent anyone from accessing or using your account, even if they know your User Name and password. Once SLS enrolled, your account can only be accessed through use of 2 security factors: 1) something you know (entry of your User Name and password combination); and 2) something you have (entry of a random code generated from a physical security device or Smartphone application).

IBKR offers a variety of SLS devices, with the technical design of each corresponding to the level of assets maintained (see KB1131). The following article provides an overview of the IBKR Mobile Authentication app, a Two-Factor security application which can be installed directly onto your Smartphone.

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IB Key Authentication is available on your Smartphone via our IBKR Mobile app and can function as a security device, thereby eliminating the need to carry a separate physical device when logging into your IBKR account. In addition to the convenience of using a device which is trusted and routinely accessible, this app can be downloaded and activated in minutes, thereby eliminating the delays associated with the mailing of physical devices. Moreover, unlike in the case of physical devices, clients maintaining multiple accounts with distinct User Names may access IB Key all from the same IBKR Mobile app. Please refer to KB2879 for more details.

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Installation, Activation, and Operation

IBKR Authentication is currently supported on smartphones that use either Android or iOS operating system and can install IBKR Mobile. Installation, activation, and operating instructions can be found at the following links:

Android: KB2277
iOS: KB2278

PLEASE NOTE: Disabling and replacing any security device, including IBKR Mobile Authentication, is subject to conditions. Please contact Client Services for assistance in this process. 

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Should I return my physical device after activating IBKR Mobile Authentication?
No need to return your physical device – it remains active and can be used as backup, or in the case of a higher security level device such as the DSC+, it can be used to initiate funds withdrawals with a higher limit. More on device withdrawal limits can found at:
I lost my IBKR Mobile PIN. What do I do?
If you have forgotten your IBKR Mobile PIN, please uninstall and reinstall the IBKR Mobile app on your smartphone. Launch the app. When you are prompted to perform the recovery, reject by answering "No". Tap on "Register Two-Factor", reject again the recovery by answering "No". Then proceed with the activation, following the on-screen instructions. Please notice you would need to have access to the mobile phone number you originally used for the IBKR Mobile Authentication activation, since IBKR will send the Activation SMS to that number.
I lost my phone. What do I do?
If you have lost your phone and require that the IBKR Mobile Authentication app be disabled, please contact Client Services at one of the numbers found here.
I am not receiving the SMS confirmation code. What do I do?
Some countries, most notably India, provide national "Do Not Call" or "Do Not Disturb" services to prevent telemarketing to mobile numbers. If you have an Indian phone number, or have explicitly requested your phone carrier to exclude you from public lists, you might need to contact your wireless carrier, and ask them for your account to be configured appropriately in order to receive SMS messages from Interactive Brokers.
Please note that the required steps will vary by country and mobile phone provider. It is best to contact your mobile phone provider if you have any questions regarding such "Do Not Disturb" services.
I am not receiving the IBKR Seamless login notifications. What do I do?
Please follow the instructions on KB3234
How much money can I withdraw using the IBKR Mobile Authentication as a security device?
IBKR Mobile Authentication as a security device allows you to withdraw 200K USD per day and 600K USD in 5 Business Days.
To what accounts is the IB Key Authentication available?
IB Key Authentication is supported for all accounts[1]
Are there any limits on the PIN code I can use?
Your PIN can be alphanumeric and can contain special characters. Please click here for details on PIN guidelines.
Can I install the application on multiple devices at the same time?
Only ONE phone/device can be active at a time for use with your username. 
Does my phone need an Internet connection for the app to work?
     ○ IBKR Mobile Authentication requires an Internet connection ONLY during the Enable User process
     ○ IBKR Mobile Authentication does NOT require an Internet connection in order to generate a passcode[2]
Can I add additional users to the same IBKR Mobile Authentication app?
IBKR Mobile Authentication supports an unlimited number of additional users with the same PIN.
What version of Android and iOS does the IBKR Mobile Authentication support?
You need:
     ○ Android version 6.0 or higher.
     ○ iOS version 11.0 or higher.


[1] Restrictions for some specialized Institutional Account types may apply.
[2] Without a working data connection (WiFi or cellular), IBKR Mobile Authentication will not receive the login notification message but can still be operated in Challenge-Response mode. Refer to KB2277 (Android) or KB2278 (iOS) for detailed instructions on how to use IB Key Authentication in both available modes.

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Как вернуть устройство безопасности в Interactive Brokers ?

В случае необходимости вернуть* свое устройство безопасного входа в Interactive Brokers (в связи с повреждением, поломкой, консолидацией или закрытием счета), выполните следующие шаги:

  1. Скачайте и распечатайте форму возврата устройства безопасности
  2. Заполните форму и вложите в конверт вместе с устройством 
  3. Отправьте конверт по адресу соответствующего офиса (указаны ниже)

В целях безопасности мы настоятельно рекомендуем использовать конверты из воздушно-пузырчатой пленки и службу доставки с возможностью отслеживания отправлений (например, UPS, FedEx, DHL или USPS Express Mail), поскольку Вы несете ответственность за возврат устройства. Обращаем Ваше внимание, что подтверждение возврата в IBKR станет доступно в личном кабинете не ранее чем через 3-5 рабочих дней после отправки. Срок доставки зависит от скорости работы конкретной почтовой службы.

*В настоящее время возврату подлежат только Цифровые карты безопасности+ с серийным номером IB3000xxx.

Дополнительные шаги для возврата с заменой
Если Вы возвращаете устройство не в связи с закрытием счета, а желаете получить замену, обратитесь в нашу службу безопасности по телефону, указанному ниже, и сообщите о повреждении устройства. Вам будет предоставлен временный код безопасности для доступа к своему счету до получения нового устройства. Ниже представлены дополнительные условия замены различных устройств, которые предлагает IBKR:

Пользователи Цифровой карты безопасности+ (ЦКБ+):
Для возврата и замены Цифровой карты безопасности+ (Рис. 1) войдите в Портал клиентов и запросите новую ЦКБ+ (инструкция доступна здесь).

Рис. 1

 Цифровая карта безопасности+ 

Пользователи Карты кодов безопасности:

Эти устройства (Рис. 4) не требуют возврата в IBKR. Их следует разрезать и выбросить. Если Вам необходимо замещающее устройство, мы рекомендуем активировать аутентификацию IB Key через IBKR Mobile (инструкция доступна здесь).

Рис. 4

Карта кодов безопасности


Адреса и контактная информация:

США / Канада
Interactive Brokers, LLC.
Кому: Token Return Department
3 Pickwick Plaza
Greenwich, CT 06830

Телефон в США:
1 (877) 442-2757 (бесплатный)
1 (312) 542-6901 (прямой номер)

Телефон в Канаде: 
1 (877) 745-4222 (бесплатный)
1 (514) 847-3499 (прямой номер)
Interactive Brokers(U.K.)LTD.
Кому: Token Return Department
Gotthardstrasse 3
CH-6301 Zug

Телефон в ЕС:
00800-42-276537 (бесплатный)
+41-41-726-9500 (прямой набор)

Телефон в России:
8-800-100-8556 (бесплатный)
+41-41-726-9506 (Pyсский)
Interactive Brokers, LLC.
Кому: Token Return Department
Suite 1512,
Two Pacific Place
88 Queensway Admiralty 
Hong Kong

+852-2156-7907 (廣東話)
+86 (21) 6086 8586 (普通话)
Interactive Brokers, LLC.
Кому: Token Return Department
PO Box R229
Royal Exchange, NSW, 1225

+61 (2) 8093-7300
Interactive Brokers Securities Japan, Inc.
Кому: Token Return Department
Kasumigaseki Building 25F,
2-5 Kasumigaskei 3 Chome, 
Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo 100-6025

+81 (3) 4588 9710 прямой номер (English)
+81 (3) 4588 9700 直通 (日本語)


Закрытие счета
Доступ к Порталу клиентов для просмотра и/или печати отчетов по операциям и любых налоговых форм предоставляется только после возврата устройства и закрытия счета.  Закрыв счет, Вы сможете осуществлять вход без устройства безопасности используя только Ваш действующий логин и пароль.

В случае возникновения вопросов об устройствах безопасности обратитесь в любую из служб по телефонам в таблице выше.
Информация о сборах за замену устройства безопасности в случае его потери, кражи, повреждения или невозврата при закрытии счета доступна в статье KB1861.


Как запросить замещающее устройство защиты


Приведенные ниже шаги необходимы, чтобы:

  • Заменить утерянную, украденную или вышедшую из строя цифровую карту безопасности+ (ЦКБ+)
  • Запросить ЦКБ+ вместе с текущим устройством безопасности (если Вы являетесь новым или существующим клиентом с капиталом больше $500 000 или эквивалетной суммы в другой валюте)

1. Сообщите в службу поддержки IBKR: обратитесь в службу поддержки IBKR для получения временного доступа к счету. Связаться с поддержкой можно только по телефону; во время звонка Вам будет необходимо подтвердить свою личность (подробнее см. в KB70).

2. Получите онлайн-карту кодов безопасности: активируйте онлайн-карту кодов безопасности, которая обеспечивает усиленную защиту и доступ к полной функциональности "Портала клиентов" в течение 21 дня. Подробнее о том, как получить карту, написано в статье KB1873 .

3. Запросите новое устройство защиты: активировав онлайн-карту кодов безопасности, запросите новую ЦКБ+ в том же разделе "Система безопасного входа" в "Портале клиентов".


Запрос цифровой карты безопасности+

1. Нажмите на кнопку Запрос физического устройства (Request Physical Device).

2. В окне сведений устройства отобразится адрес доставки. Если адрес неверен или изменился, нажмите Изменить адрес (Change Address) и следуйте инструкциям. Если адрес актуален, перейдите к шагу 3.

3. Введите четырехзначный Мягкий PIN1 (Soft PIN) для Вашей ЦКБ+. Запомните PIN-код, который Вы ввели, т.к. он понадобится для активации и использования устройства. При желании Вы можете сменить счет, на котором будут заморожены средства на сумму в 20 USD2.  Нажмите Далее.

4. Вы увидите данные своего заказа. Убедитесь, что они верны. Если Вы хотите внести изменения, нажмите на белую кнопку Назад под полем с данными (не в браузере). Если все верно, отправьте запрос, нажав Далее.

5. Вы увидите подтверждение с примерной датой доставки3. Для завершения нажмите OK .


1. Руководство по выбору PIN-кода доступно в статье KB2269.

2. Ключ безопасности и доставка бесплатны, однако при заказе нового устройства на Вашем счете будет заморожена небольшая сумма (20 USD).  В случае потери, повреждения или кражи устройства, а также если оно не возвращено IBKR после закрытия счета, эта сумма будет использована в качестве компенсации его стоимости. В остальных случаях сумма станет доступна после того, как Вы вернете устройство IBKR. Подробнее в статье KB1861.

3. В целях безопасности замещающее устройство активируется автоматически по истечении 3-х недель с даты отправки. IBKR сообщит Вам о приближении срока и выполнении активации.


  • Обзор "Системы безопасного входа" доступен в статье KB1131
  • Информация и инструкции по устройствам безопасности доступны в статье KB2636
  • Инструкции об использовании устройства безопасного входа двумя или более пользователей доступны в статье KB2481 
  • О том, как снова присоединиться к "Системе безопасного входа", читайте в статье KB2545
  • Инструкции по возврату устройства безопасности IBKR доступны в статье KB975
  • Инструкции по активации аутентификации IB Key через IBKR Mobile доступны в статье KB2260
  • Информация о двухфакторной системе на нескольких устройствах (M2FS) доступна в статье KB2895
  • Информация о сборах и издержках, связанных с устройствами безопасности, доступна в статье KB1861
  • Информация о сроке действия временного пароля доступна в статье KB69


Welcome to Interactive Brokers


Now that your account is funded and approved you can start trading. The information below will help you getting
started as a new customer of Interactive Brokers.

  1. Your Money
  2. Configure your account to trade
  3. How to trade
  4. Trade all over the World
  5. Five points to enrich your IB experience


1. Your Money
Deposits & Withdrawals General Info. All transactions are administered through your secure Account Management
First, you create a deposit notification through your Account Management > Funding > Fund Transfers > Transaction Type: “Deposit” How to create a deposit notification. The second step is to instruct your Bank to do the wire transfer with the bank details provided in your Deposit Notification.
Create a withdrawal instruction via your secure Account Management > Funding > Fund Transfers > Transaction Type: "Withdrawals" How to create a withdrawal instruction
If you instruct a withdrawal over the Withdrawal limits, it will be considered an exceptional withdrawal and we will therefore need to match bank account holder and IB account. If destination bank account has been used for a deposit, withdrawal will be processed; otherwise, you must contact customer service and provide the documents needed.
Deposits: My bank sent the money but I do not see it credited into my IB account. Possible reasons:
a) A fund transfer takes 1-4 business days
b) A Deposit Notification is missing. You have to create it via your Account Management and send a ticket to Customer Service
c) Amending details are missing. Your name or IB account number is missing in the transfer details. You have to contact your bank and ask for the full amending details.
d) ACH initiated by IB is limited to 100k USD in a 7 business period. If you opened a Portfolio Margin account where the initial requirement is 110k, a wire deposit might be the better deposit option to reduce wait time for your first trade. If selecting ACH a wait time of almost 2 weeks or a temporary downgrade to RegT can be possible solutions.
Withdrawals: I have requested a withdrawal but I do not see the money credited to my bank account. Possible reasons:
a) A fund transfer takes 1-4 business days
b) Rejected. Over the max it can be withdrawn. Please check your account cash balance. Note that for regulatory requirements, when the funds are deposited, there is a 3 day holding period before they can be withdrawn.
c) Your bank returned the funds. Probably because receiving bank account and remitting bank account names do not match.


2. Configure your account to trade
Difference between Cash and Margin accounts: If you have chosen the FastTrack application, by default your account type is a cash account with US stock permission. If you would like to get leverage and trade on margin, here how to upgrade to a RegT Margin account
Trading Permissions
In order to be able to trade a particular asset class in a particular country, you need to get the trading permission for it via your Account Management. Please note that trading permissions are free. You might however be asked to sign risk
disclosures required by local regulatory authorities. How to Request Trading Permissions
Market Data
If you want to have market data in real-time for a particular product/exchange, you need to subscribe to a market data package charged by the exchange. How to subscribe to Market data
The Market data assistant will help you choose the right package. Please watch this Video explaining how it works.
Customers have the option to receive delayed market data for free by clicking the Free Delayed Data button from a non-subscribed ticker row.
Advisor Accounts
Have a look at the user guide getting started as advisors. Here you see how to create additional users to your advisor account and grant them access and much more.


3. How to trade
The Trader's University is the place to go when you want to learn how to use our Platforms. Here you will find our webinars, live and recorded in 10 languages and tours and documentation about our various Trading Platforms.
Trader Workstation (TWS)
Traders who require more sophisticated trading tools can use our market maker-designed Trader Workstation (TWS), which optimizes your trading speed and efficiency with an easy-to-use spreadsheet interface, support for more than 60 order types, task-specific trading tools for all trading styles, and real-time account balance and activity monitoring. Try the two models
TWS Mosaic: for intuitive usability, easy trading access, order management, watchlist, charts all in one window or
TWS Classic: the Advanced Order Management for traders who need more advanced tools and algos.
General Description and Information / Quick start guide / Usersguide
Interactive Tours: TWS Basics / TWS configuration / TWS Mosaic
How to place a trade:  Video Classic TWS / Video Mosaic
Trading tools: General Description and InformationUsers guide
Requirements: How to install Java for WindowsHow to install Java for MAC / Port 4000 and 4001 needs to be open
Login TWSDownload TWS
Traders who prefer a clean and simple interface can use our HTML-based WebTrader, which makes it easy to view market data, submit orders, and monitor your account and executions. Use the latest WebTrader from every browser
Quick Start Guide / WebTrader User's Guide
Introduction: Video WebTrader
How to place a Trade: Video WebTrader
Login WebTrader
Our mobile solutions allow you to trade your IB account on the go. The mobileTWS for iOS and the mobileTWS for BlackBerry are custom-designed for these popular models, while the generic MobileTrader supports most other Smart phones.
General Description and Information
Order Types Order Types available and Description / Videos / Tour / Users guide
Paper Trading General Description and Information / How to get a Paper Trading Account
Once your paper account is created, you can share the market data of your real account with your paper trading account: Account Management > Manage Account > Settings > Paper trading

4. Trade all over the World
IB accounts are multi-currency accounts. Your account can hold different currencies at the same time, this allows you to trade multiple products around the world from a single account.
Base Currency
Your base currency determines the currency of translation for your statements and the currency used for determining margin requirements. Base currency is determined when you open an account. Customers may change their base currency at any time through Account Management.
We do not automatically convert currencies into your Base currency
Currency conversions must be done manually by the customer. In this video you can learn how to do a currency conversion.
In order to open a position denominated in a currency that you do not have in your account, you have two possibilities:
A) Currency conversion.
B) IB Margin Loan. (Not available for Cash Accounts)
Please see this course explaining the mechanics of a foreign transaction.


5. Five points to enrich your IB experience
1. Contract Search
Here you will find all our products, symbols and specifications.
2. IB Knowledge Base
The Knowledge Base is a repository of glossary terms, how-to articles, troubleshooting tips and guidelines designed to assist IB customers with the management of their IB accounts. Just enter in the search button what you are looking for and you will get the answer.
3. Account Management
As our trading platforms give you access to the markets, the Account Management grants you access to your IB account. Use Account Management to manage account-related tasks such as depositing or withdrawing funds, viewing your statements, modifying market data and news subscriptions, changing your trading permissions, and verifying or changing your personal information.
Log In Account Management / AM Quick Start Guide / AM Users Guide
4. Secure Login System
To provide you with the highest level of online security, Interactive Brokers has implemented a Secure Login System (SLS) through which access to your account is subject to two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication serves to confirm your identity at the point of login using two security factors: 1) Something you know (your username and password combination); and 2) Something you have (an IB issued security device which generates a random, single-use security code). As both knowledge of your username/password and physical possession of the security device are required to login to your account, participation in the Secure Login System virtually eliminates the possibility of anyone other than you accessing your account.
How to Activate your Security Device / How to Obtain a Security Code Card / How to return Security device
In case you forgot your password or lost your security code card, please call us for immediate assistance.
5. Statements and Reports
Easy to view and customize, our statements and reports cover all aspects of your Interactive Brokers account. How to view an Activity Statement 


FAQ об уязвимости SSL (т.н. баг "Heartbleed")


Уязвимость открытой реализации SSL протокола и TLS протокола позволяет посторонним лицам взламывать пароли и ключи шифрования в памяти сервера.


Это протокол, который служит для того, чтобы давать команду компьютеру для выполнения шифрования/дешифрования данных, которыми обмениваются в сети.


Никакого воздействия не ожидается.

Несколько IB серверов, которые использовали уязвимую версию OpenSSL были обновлены с внесением требуемых исправлений, как только уязвимость была выявлена и был выпущен патч.


Система безопасного входа гарантирует более высокий уровень защиты, чем при входе исключительно с логином и паролем. Логин и пароль не являются крайними мерами защиты против несанкционированного доступа к вашей учетной записи.

Используя систему безопасного входа, вы можете быть уверены, что никто кроме вас не имеет доступа к вашему счету.


Благодаря дополнительным мерам защиты, предпринятым IB, ваш пароль не подвержен опасности.

Хотя периодическая смена пароля является полезной профилактической мерой безопасности, вам совсем не обязательно менять его именно сейчас в связи с новостями о "Heartbleed".

Information Relating to Customer Protection of Assets

The below information applies to trading of non-US index options, OTC CFDs and non-US index futures (when combined with non-US index options)


Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited

Customer Assets
Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited (“IBUK)’’ is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA“), register no. 208159. IBUK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interactive Brokers Group (IBG LLC). IBUK provides client money and client asset services in accordance with FCA Client Assets regulations “CASS”.

Client money is protected as follows:
Client money rules apply to all regulated firms that receive money from a client, or hold money for a client in the course of carrying out MiFID business and/or designated investment business.

Client money is entirely segregated from IBUK’s own money. In the event of a failure of an authorised firm, clients’ monies held in the segregated accounts will be returned to the clients rather than being treated as a recoverable asset by general creditors. If there was a shortfall, the client may be eligible to claim for compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”).

Client money is ring-fenced in separate bank accounts which are held in trust on behalf of the clients. These accounts are distributed across a number of banks with investment grade ratings to avoid a concentration risk with any single institution. When IBUK makes the selection and appointment of a bank to hold client money, it takes into account the expertise and market reputation of the bank, its financial standing and any legal requirements or market practices related to the holding of client money that could adversely affect clients' rights.

IBUK will allow client money to be held in a client transaction account by an exchange, a clearing house or an intermediate broker but only if the money is transferred to them for the purpose of a transaction or to meet a client’s obligation to provide collateral for a transaction.

Each day, IBUK performs a detailed reconciliation of client money held in client money bank accounts and client transaction accounts and its liabilities to its clients to ensure that client monies are properly segregated and sufficient to meet all liabilities in accordance with the FCA’s CASS rules. All monies credited to such bank accounts are held by the firm as trustee (or if relevant, as agent).

FCA regulations also require IBUK to maintain a CASS Resolution Pack to ensure that in the unlikely event of the firm's liquidation, the Insolvency Practitioner is able to retrieve information with a view to returning client money and assets to the firm's clients on a timely basis.

Financial Services Compensation scheme

Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited (“IBUK”) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) as an investment firm and a participant in the Financial Services Compensation scheme (“FSCS”). Certain eligible clients qualify for
compensation under the FCA Compensation rules.

The main points relating to eligibility are:

  • FSCS pays compensation only to eligible claimants when an authorised firm is in default and will carry out an investigation to establish whether or not this is the case.
  • FSCS pays compensation only for financial loss and the limits for U.K. Investment firms are covered below.
  • The FSCS was set up mainly to assist private individuals, although smaller businesses are also covered.
  • Larger businesses are generally excluded.


FSCS provides protection if an authorised investment firm is unable to pay claims against it e.g. when an authorised investment firm goes out of business and cannot return assets to its clients. Assets classified as investments for authorised investment firms under the FSCS include stocks and shares, futures, options, cfds, other regulated instruments and money deposited by clients.

Compensation Limits

The actual level of compensation you receive will depend on the basis of your claim. The FSCS only pays compensation for financial loss. Compensation limits are per person per authorised firm. Compensation levels are subject to change and for current details please refer to the FSCS website at / .

The below information applies to customers who were or are continuing to trade all products (except metals and OTC CFDs) through IB LLC.


Interactive Brokers LLC (“IBLLC”)

Customer Assets
Customer money is segregated in special bank or custody accounts, which are designated for the exclusive benefit of customers of IBLLC. This protection (the SEC term is “reserve” and the CFTC term is “segregation”) is a core principle of securities and commodities brokerage. By properly segregating the customer's assets, if no money or stock is borrowed and no futures positions are held by the customer, then the customer's assets are available to be returned to the customer in the event of a default by or bankruptcy of the broker.

Securities accounts with no borrowing of cash or securities
Securities customer money is protected as follows:

  • A portion is deposited at 14 large U.S. banks in special reserve accounts for the exclusive benefit of IBLLC's customers. These deposits are distributed across a number of banks with investment-grade ratings so that we can avoid a concentration risk with any single institution. No single bank holds more than 5% of total customer funds held by IBLLC.
  • A portion may be invested in U.S. Treasury securities, including direct investments in short-term Treasury bills and reverse repurchase agreements, where the collateral received is in the form of U.S. Treasury securities. These transactions are conducted with third parties and guaranteed through a central counterparty clearing house (Fixed Income Clearing Corp., or “FICC”). The collateral remains in the possession of IBLLC and held at a custody bank in a segregated Special Custody Account for the exclusive benefit of customers. U.S. Treasury securities may also be pledged to a clearing house to support customer margin requirements on securities options positions.
  • Customer cash is maintained on a net basis in the reserve accounts, which reflects the net credit balances of customers in excess of customer debit balances. To the extent any one customer maintains a margin loan with IBLLC, that loan will be fully secured by stock valued at up to 200% of the loan.
  • Current SEC regulations require broker-dealers to perform a detailed reconciliation of customer money and securities (known as the “reserve computation”) at least weekly to ensure that customer monies are properly segregated from the broker-dealer's own funds.

Customer-owned, fully-paid securities are protected in accounts at depositories and custodians that are specifically identified for the exclusive benefit of customers. IBLLC reconciles positions in securities owned by customers daily to ensure that these securities have been received at the depositories and custodians

Commodities accounts

Commodities customer money is protected as follows:

  • A portion is pledged to futures clearing houses to support customer margin requirements on futures and options on futures positions or held in custody accounts identified as segregated for the benefit of IB's customers.
  • A portion is held at commodities clearing banks/brokers in accounts identified as segregated for the benefit of IBLLC customers to support customer margin requirements.
  • Cash in commodities accounts is protected in accordance with US commodities regulations. CFTC rules prohibit an FCM from commingling customer funds with its own money, securities or property. Customer funds must be separately accounted for and segregated as belonging to commodity or option customers. The titles of accounts in which customer funds are deposited must clearly indicate this and show that the funds are segregated as required by the Commodity Exchange Act (“CEA”) and CFTC Rules. Customer funds may not be obligated to anyone except to purchase, margin, guarantee, secure, transfer, adjust or settle trades, contracts or commodity option transactions of commodity or option customers. These requirements also extend to U.S. customers trading on foreign exchanges.

Securities accounts with margin loans

For customers who borrow money from IBLLC to purchase securities, IBLLC is permitted by securities regulations to pledge or borrow stock valued at up to 140% of the value of the loan. Typically, IBLLC lends out a small portion of the total stock it is permitted to lend out.

  • As an example, at June 30, 2011, IBLLC lent $800 million value of customers' stock out of the $13.0 billion made available to it by margin customers.
  • When IBLLC lends customers' stock, it must put additional money into the special reserve accounts for the exclusive benefit of customers. In the example above, the full value of $800 million of customer stock that was lent was segregated in the special reserve accounts.

Account Protection

Customer securities accounts at IBLLC are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) for a maximum coverage of $500,000 (with a cash sublimit of $250,000) and under IBLLC's excess SIPC policy with certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London for up to an additional $30 million (with a cash sublimit of $900,000) subject to an aggregate limit of $150 million. Futures, and options on futures are not covered. As with all securities firms, this coverage provides protection against failure of a broker-dealer, not against loss of market value of securities.

For the purpose of determining a customer account, accounts with like names and titles (e.g. John and Jane Smith and Jane and John Smith) are combined, but accounts with different titles are not (e.g. Individual/John Smith and IRA/John Smith).

SIPC is a non-profit, membership corporation funded by broker-dealers that are members of SIPC. For more information about SIPC and answers to frequently asked questions (such as how SIPC works, what is protected, how to file a claim, etc.), please refer to the following websites:

or contact SIPC at:

Securities Investor Protection Corporation
805 15th Street, N.W. - Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20005-2215
Telephone: (202) 371-8300
Facsimile: (202) 371-6728


How to send documents to IB using your smartphone


Interactive Brokers allows you to send us a copy of a document even if you do not currently have access to a scanner. You can take a picture of the requested document with your smartphone.

Below you will find the instructions on how to take a picture and send it to IB per email with the fllowing smartphone operating systems:

iOS (iPhone)

Android (i.e. Samsung Galaxy, HTC One X, Sony Xperia, Motorola Droid)

Windows Phone (i.e. Nokia Lumia, HTC Titan, Samsung Focus)

 If you already know how to do so, please consult the instructions about the information you will need to send us aside from the document picture. Click HERE - Where to send the email to and what to include in the subject.

1. Press the power button to turn your iPhone screen on. Tap, hold and slide upwards the
Camera icon on the bottom right of your screen then drag it upwards to access the Camera.

slide up from the lock screen to take a picture

- If you do not have the Camera icon, you may access the Camera app from the home screen
of your iPhone.
2. Place your iPhone above the document and take the desired portion or page of the document
and tap on the Camera button (designated with 1 on the below illustration - Fig. 3) to take a
photo. Then you need to access the picture - tap the image in the lower left-hand corner (number 2 in the

Tap here to take a picture

3. Exit to the home screen by pressing the round Home button on the face of the iPhone.
4. Open the Photos app
5. Next, tap the album ‘Camera Roll’. Make sure that the picture is clear and the document
is well legible, if it isn’t, please repeat the previous two steps.
6. Touch once the picture to make the menus appear and tap the share icon
designated with 1 in the illustration below.

Share button iOS

5. Select the first option - Email Photo. Please consult the following instructions for the next step - what address you should send the picture to and what else to include aside from the document, HERE.
Note: to send emails your phone has to be configured for that. Please contact your email
provider if you are not familiar with this procedure.

1. Open your applications list and start the camera app. Depending on your phone model, make or setup it might be called differently.
2. Place your phone over the document and take the desired portion or page of the document and
tap the icon for the camera. (The generic button will look like the one shown below.)

Tap to take a picture
3. Press the Home key to go back to the idle screen. Go back to the apps list and start the Gallery
application. On some phones it may be called Pictures or Photos.
4. Open the album called Camera or All pictures. The last image in either of those should be the
document you just took a picture of. Tap the screen once to bring up the buttons and tap the share
icon, which generically should look as shown below.

Share on Android
5. In the sharing menu that will be displayed now tap on Email. Please consult the following instructions for the next step - what address you should send the picture to and what else to include aside from the document, HERE.
Note: to send emails your phone has to be configured for that. Please contact your email
provider if you are not familiar with this procedure.

Send per email


Windows Phone
1. Press the camera button in the Desktop menu of Windows phone. (If you do
not see the camera in the desktop menu, please scroll to the right and choose
camera in the listed applications)
2. Take a picture by pressing the trigger button on the side of the phone.
3. Open the picture by scrolling to the left and press the ‘...’ menu item
at the bottom task bar to see the available options.
4. Please choose send and the configured Email account you would like to use.
5. In the upcoming email, please add the destination email address, the
subject and the text you would like to send and press the ‘Send email’ button in
the bottom menu. Please consult the following instructions for the next step - what address you should send the picture to and what else to include aside from the document, HERE.
Note: to send emails your phone has to be configured for that. Please contact your email
provider if you are not familiar with this procedure.

The email has to be created observing the below instructions:
1. In the ‘To:’ field type...
a. if your you are a resident of a non-European country
b. if you are a European resident
2. The subject field must contain all of the below:
a. Your account number (it usually has the format Uxxxxxxx, where x are numbers) or your
b. The purpose of sending the document. Please use the below convention:
i. PoRes for a proof of residential address
ii. PID for a proof of identity

How to request a Digital Security Card+ (DSC+) replacement


The below steps are required in order to:

  • Replace a Digital Security Card+ which has been lost, stolen or has become inoperable
  • Request a Digital Security Card+ alongside your current security device (if you are a new or existing Client with equity above $500,000, or equivalent)

1. Notify IBKR Client Services- Contact IBKR Client Services to obtain a temporary account access. This service can only be provided via telephone and requires the identity of the account holder to be verified, as detailed in KB70.

2. Obtain an Online Security Code Card - Activate an Online Security Code Card, which offers enhanced protection and full Client Portal functionality for an extended period of 21 days. Please consult KB1873 should you need guidance for this specific step.

3. Request the DSC+ replacement - Once you have completed the Online Security Code Card activation, please remain in the Secure Login System section of the Client Portal and order your replacement DSC.


Request a DSC+

1. Click on the button Request Physical Device.

2. The shipping address will be shown in the device information screen. If your address is outdated or invalid, you can amend it by clicking on Change Address and following the on-screen instructions. If you do not need to update your address, please proceed to step 3.

3. Enter a four-digit Soft PIN1 for your DSC+. Please make sure to remember the PIN you are typing since it will be necessary to activate and to operate your device. When applicable and desired, you may change the account on which the 20 USD deposit will be kept on hold2.  Complete this step by clicking on Continue.

4. The system will show you a summary of your selection. Please make sure the information displayed is correct. Should you need to perform changes, click on the white Back button under the information field (not your browser back button), otherwise submit the request by clicking on Continue.

5. You will receive a final confirmation containing the estimated shipment date3. Click on Ok to finalize the procedure.


1. For PIN guidelines, please consult KB2269.

2. The Security token and the shipment are both free of charge. Nevertheless, when you order your device, we will freeze a small amount of your funds (20 USD).  If your device is lost, intentionally damaged, stolen or if you close your account without returning it to IBKR, we will use that amount as a compensation for the loss of the hardware. In any other case, the hold will be released once your device has been returned to IBKR. More details on KB1861.

3. For security reasons, the replacement device is set to auto-activate within three weeks from the shipment date. IBKR will notify you when the auto-activation is approaching and when it is imminent.


  • See KB1131 for an overview of the Secure Login System
  • See KB2636 for information and procedures related to Security Devices
  • See KB2481 for instructions about sharing the Security Login Device between two or more users
  • See KB2545 for instructions on how to opt back in to the Secure Login System
  • See KB975 for instructions on how to return your security device to IBKR
  • See KB2260 for instructions on activating the IB Key authentication via IBKR Mobile
  • See KB2895 for information about Multiple 2Factor System (M2FS)
  • See KB1861 for information about charges or expenses associated with the security devices
  • See KB69 for information about Temporary passcode validity


Security Device Replacement Charge

Account holders logging into their account via IBKR's Secure Login System are issued a security device, which provides an additional layer of protection to that afforded by the user name and password, and which is intended to prevent online hackers and other unauthorized individuals from accessing their account. While IBKR does not charge any fee for the use of the device, certain versions require that the account holder return the device upon account closing or incur a replacement fee.  Existing account holders are also subject to this replacement fee in the event their device is lost, stolen or damaged (note that there is no fee to replace a device returned as a result of battery failure). 

In addition, while IBKR does not assess a replacement fee unless a determination has been made that the device has been lost, stolen, damaged or not returned, a reserve equal to the fee will placed upon the account upon issuance of the device to secure its return.  This reserve will have no effect upon the equity of the account available for trading, but will act as limit to full withdrawals or transfers until such time the device is returned (i.e., cannot withdraw the reserve balance).

Outlined below are the replacement fee associated with each device.

Security Code Card1 $0.001
Digital Security Card + $20.00 

For instructions regarding the return of security devices, please see KB975


1 The Security Code Card is not required to be returned upon account closing and may be destroyed and discarded once remaining funds have been returned and the account has been fully closed. Access to Client Portal after closure for purposes of viewing and retrieving activity statements and tax documents is maintained using solely the existing user name and password combination. This type of two-factor security is no longer being issued.

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