How to reactivate or transfer the IBKR Mobile authentication?


This article details the steps needed to reactivate the IB Key authentication via IBKR Mobile.

This state of the application or its installation might be due, but not limited to, reinstallation of the app or the purchase of a new phone.


You can perform the reactivation without the involvement of IBKR Client Services in the following cases:


Case A) Reactivation on the same smartphone

  • You uninstalled and reinstalled the IBKR Mobile app on the same smartphone

Please click on one of the links below according to your phone operating system.

  • Android: IBKR Mobile PIN + Access to the mobile phone number originally used for the app activation
  • Apple iOS: Smartphone PIN / Fingerprint / FaceID + Access to the mobile phone number originally used for the app activation


Case B) Reactivation on a different smartphone

  • You are replacing your smartphone with a new one
  • You have lost your smartphone and you are now in possession of a new one
  • You activated the IBKR Mobile authentication on your primary smartphone but you now want to transfer
    the activation (either temporarily or permanently) to the secondary one.

Please click on one of the links below according to your phone operating system.

  • Android: Access to the mobile phone number originally used for the app activation
  • Apple iOS: Smartphone PIN / Fingerprint / FaceID + Access to the mobile phone number originally used for the app activation
Note: In the above cases (A, B) you will always be able to reactivate / transfer the IBKR Mobile Authentication (IB Key) when you possess an additional physical security device currently active for your user. With this setup, you will not need to have access to the mobile phone number originally used for the app activation, since the system will automatically prompt you to operate your physical security device instead of sending you a text message (SMS) during the reactivation / transfer procedure.

    In any other case, we would kindly ask you to request a temporary account access by contacting IBKR Client Services (Secure Login department) on the phone number best suitable for your location, among the ones listed on



  • See KB2879, KB2260 for General information about IBKR Mobile Authentication (IB Key)
  • See KB2260 for instructions on how to install/activate/operate the IBKR Mobile app
  • See KB2278 for instructions on how to operate your IB Key on an Apple iPhone
  • See KB2277 for instructions on how to operate your IB Key on an Android smartphone: 
  • See KB3279 for instructions on how to log in to IBKR Mobile when IB Key is enabled on another phone


Mobile Phone Verification during the account application


IB requires that clients verify their mobile phone in order to receive account and trade related communication directly via SMS.  Clients who fail to verify their phone will be subject to trade restrictions pending completion of this process. Verification is performed online and the steps for doing so are outlined below.
In case your account has been already opened but your mobile number has not been yet verified, please jump directly to KB2552 to complete the verification process.


Phone Verification

When completing your Interactive Brokers Account Application, you will see a blue bar at the top of the page that says "CONFIRM MOBILE NUMBER."

You can click on that bar any time during steps 1-4.   Once you do, you will see this window:

Once you have entered your full number, it will be recognized and a confirmation message is sent immediately.  Validate your phone number by entering the SMS Code received in the Confirmation Code field and click Submit.

If you are unable to do this during the application process, you can always confirm it on the Application Status page


Please consider the following as certain restrictions may apply:

  • SMS messages may be blocked if you participate in your Countries NDNC (National Do Not Call) registry.
  • Due to fraud prevention measures, virtual number providers may be blocked.
  • Some carriers may restrict the Hours of delivery for SMS messages.


Multiple 2-Factor System (M2FS)


This page covers specific points on what the Multiple 2-Factor System (M2FS) is and how it functions. For general questions on the Secure Login System, please refer to KB1131.


Table of contents


What is M2FS?

M2FS allows any client to maintain more than one active security device at the same time. You no longer need to choose between a physical security device and the IBKR Mobile app as either can be used interchangeably. If you already possess an active security device, any further device activation will result in both devices remaining simultaneously active.


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In case you currently use the Security Code Card / Digital Security Card+: if you use a physical security device, you may download and activate the IBKR Mobile app. Please refer to the directions for Android and iOS.

In case you currently use the IBKR Mobile app: If you use the IBKR Mobile app and have an account with a balance equal or greater than USD 500K, you qualify for the Digital Security Card+ . You may log in to Client Portal and request the DSC+ by following the instructions here.


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Once you have both a physical device and the IBKR Mobile app enabled, M2FS is represented by a drop-down menu upon login. You can now choose the device you wish to authenticate with, following the below steps:

1. Enter your username and password into the trading platform or Client Portal login screen and click Login. If the credentials have been accepted, a drop down will appear, allowing you to Select Second Factor Device. If you log in to the TWS, please notice that the M2FS is supported from version 966.


Client Portal:


2. Once you select a security device, you will now be presented with the corresponding screen for authentication. Refer to the directions for:

- IB Key via IBKR Mobile (iOS) 
- IB Key via IBKR Mobile (Android)
- Security Code Card
- Digital Security Card+

3. If the second factor authentication succeeds, the Log-in will now automatically proceed.


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Withdrawal limits

The device used to authenticate your withdrawal will define your withdrawal limits, according to the below table:

Security Device
used for Withdrawal

Maximum Withdrawal
Per Day

Maximum Withdrawal
in Five Business Days

Security Code Card1 USD 200,000 USD 600,000
IBKR Mobile app USD 200,000 USD 600,000
Digital Security Card1 USD 1,000,000 USD 1,500,000
Digital Security Card+ Unlimited Unlimited
Gold Device1 Unlimited Unlimited
Platinum Device1 Unlimited Unlimited

1: Represents a legacy device that is no longer issued.

Example: You have both the IBKR Mobile app and the Digital Security Card+ enabled and you need to withdrawal more than USD 200K. You can use either device to login to Client Portal but you will be required to use the Digital Security Card+ to confirm your withdrawal request.


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M2FS provides even more flexibility to IBKR's Secure Login System by allowing you to choose what security device you want to authenticate with. In addition to the convenience of using a device which is trusted and routinely accessible, you can eliminate delays associated with authenticating at times a trade needs to be entered quickly.


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IBKR Mobile Authentication as a Two-Factor Solution


At IBKR, we are committed to protecting your account through the use of 2-Factor log in protection. With 2-factor protection, account access is provided through use of "Something you Know" (i.e. entry of user name and password combination) along with "Something you Have" (i.e., a tool which generates a random code to be entered after the user name and password).  This 2-Factor protection is intended to mitigate the risk of online hackers (who've acquired your password via malware or social engineering) accessing your account.

While IBKR offers multiple 2-Factor options, IBKR Mobile Authentication is generally viewed as the most convenient to access and operate. Outlined below are some of the convenience factors offered by this app.


1. Always Available: 
Your smartphone is always with you, as well as your tool to grant you secure access to your IBKR account.

2. Convenient:
No additional devices to carry, track and watch out for. In the event of loss or change of phone, IBKR Client Services can assist you to get the app back up and running at a moment’s notice.

3. Quick Activation:
A couple of minutes within the download of the app, you can already use it to authenticate into your account.

4. No Shipping, Delivery or Return:
No delivery delays, no return of devices with depleted batteries. A quick download suffices.

5. Secure, but quick and No-Hassle Login with our Seamless Authentication:
When logging into the Trading Platforms or the Client Portal, you only need to enter your username and password - IBKR will send you a notification and you will use the IB Key protocol to complete the authentication, via your mobile biometrics or PIN, depending on your configuration.

6. Allows for multiple users to authenticate with the same app:
If you have one security device for your personal IBKR account, one for your joint account with your spouse and one for your business account you will be happy to know that you can activate the same app for all those users (and more).

7. Available for every smartphone, everywhere:
IBKR Mobile can be downloaded from the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone. Android phone users can get the app as usual from the Google Play store. Clients in China can obtain the application on both Baidu and the stores.

8. Works even Offline:
Should your phone be offline (e.g. when on vacation or with a bad reception), you can still use IBKR Mobile Authentication. Even though Seamless Authentication won't be accessible, the application can generate the codes you need to access your account and trade.

9. Secure delivery for your Password Reset:
With IBKR Mobile installed and the IB Key authentication activated, you can have the IBKR Client Services send you a temporary password to your phone in a secure way without exposing it through text messages and other means of communication.

10. Small footprint:

IBKR Mobile can be downloaded even on the most restrictive data plans and be installed on your smartphone without hogging resources. The application size and its operational use of resources are limited to the absolute minimum, while not compromising on its security.


For a general overview of IBKR Mobile Authentication including installation, activation and operation, please see KB2260.

IBKR Mobile Authentication (IB Key) recovery


The recovery procedure explained in this article is required in case:

A) You have reinstalled the IBKR Mobile app on the same smartphone
B) Your smartphone Operating System has been updated



In order to re-enable IB Key authentication via IBKR Mobile, please click on one of the below links, according to your smartphone Operating System


Apple iOS

  1. Launch the IBKR Mobile app. Whenever possible, the app will ask you to recover the setup. Tap Yes
  2. According to your phone hardware capabilities, you will be prompted to provide the security element originally used to secure the app (Fingerprint, Face ID, PIN). Please follow the on-screen instructions for this step
  3. If the reactivation has been successfully completed, you will see a confirmation message. Tap Done to finalize the procedure

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  1. Launch the IBKR Mobile app. Whenever possible, the app will ask you to recover the setup. Tap Recover Setup
  2. Review the Recovery directions and tap Continue
  3. Enter your credentials and tap Initialize Recovery
  4. You will receive an text message (SMS)containing an Activation Token. Enter it in the Activation Code field. According to your phone operating system and hardware capabilities, you might be prompted to provide as well the security element you originally used to secure the app (PIN, Fingerprint). Once done, tap Submit
  5. If the reactivation has been successfully completed, you will see a confirmation message. Tap Done to finalize the procedure

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  • See KB2260 for general instructions on how to use IBKR Mobile Authentication
  • See KB3073 for instructions on how to migrate the IB Key / IBKR Mobile authentication to a new smartphone

Cache Maintenance for IB apps on Android


This procedure has proved to work as a solution for several issues, since it produces a complete reset of the malfunctioning IBKR app.


For Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) and higher

1.  Go to your phone's Settings Menu

2.  Below the Phone section, select Applications MOVED TO... Application Manager
Select Applications  Application Manager

3.  Scroll down and select the corresponding IB app which needs to be reset.


4.  Tap on Storage


5.  Tap on Clear Data MOVED TO... OK

6.  Confirm Data has been cleared.


7.  Reboot the phone

8.  Re-Launch app



For Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and previous versions

  1. Go to your phone Settings Menu
  2. Below the Device section, select Apps
    Select Apps
  3. Scroll down and select the corresponding IB app which needs to be reset.
  4. Tap on Clear data MOVED TO... OK
    Clear App data  Delete app data -> OK
  5. Confirm Data has been cleared
    Confirm Data cleared
  6. Reboot Phone
  7. Re-Launch app

Note: If after clearing the cache, manually adjusting the permissions and restarting your Android Device, the issue persists, please contact IB Customer Service  for further troubleshooting.

Related Articles:

  • For IB Key on Android overview refer to KB2277
  • For IB Key Recovery process on Android refer to KB2748






  • IB Key


  • IB Keyアンドロイド概要: KB2277
  • IB Key iPhone概要: KB2278



  • デジタル・セキュリティ・カード+

  • デジタル・セキュリティ・カード+の起動:  KB2634
  • セキュリティ・デバイスのPINの変更方法: KB1018
  • セキュリティ・デバイスの返却方法: KB975
  • SLS カード

  • SLSカードの起動方法: KB1042
  • IB Keyのアップグレード方法(スマホ用認証システム): KB2260


  • セキュリティ・デバイスの概要: 
  • 一時的な口座へのアクセス、デバイスの再発行の申請方法: KB70
  • テンポラリー・パスコードの有効期限: KB69
  • セキュリティデバイスが手元にない場合のオンライン・セキュリティコード・カードの申請方法: KB1873
  • デバイスの再有効化方法: KB1875
  • デバイスの破損、紛失時の再発行方法: KB1943
  • 二つ以上のユーザーでのセキュリティ・デバイスの共有方法: KB2481
  • 複数のセキュア・ログイン・デバイスを保有している場合: KB1731
  • セキュア・ログイン・システムのオプトイン: KB2545
  • SLSの一部オプトアウト時のセキュリティについて: KB1198
  • セキュリティデバイスに係る費用について? KB1861
  • アカウントマネジメントのログインに関するトラブルシューティング: KB1132
  • 取引プラットフォームのログインに関するトラブルシューティング: KB1133





1. 回答が覚えやすく、一完成の高い質問をご選択ください。

2. 回答はできる限り一単語で作成ください。

3. スペースにはご注意ください。「San Diego」が回答の場合、回答が「SanDiego」の場合、システムは回答が間違いであるとみなします。

4. 意味をなさない回答など、覚えにくいものは避けてください。

5. 回答が予想できるものや、調べることができるものは避けてください。予想できる回答が復すあり、予想が当たる確率が低いものにしてください。

6. 家族、友人、親戚、本配偶者などが知りえない質問を選択してください。

7. 回答が変更する可能性がある質問は避けてください。



SLS登録によって権限のない第三者によるアクセスからお客様の口座を保護します。ご登録[1] は無料で、ご登録していただくことにより、1)当日と5営業日間の出金制限額が引き上げられ、2)入出金の銀行情報とEメールアドレスの変更にセキュリティ・チームへの問い合わせが不要になり、3)ACH & EFTによる入金の上限をUSD 20,000に引き上げられ、4)一つのデバイスで複数の口座を管理することが可能です。
登録は簡単に行えます。新規口座を申請されている場合はオンライ申請の段階で有効化できるオンライン・セキュリティカードのリンクがEメールにて送信されます。このオンライン・カードはお客様の口座への入金確認が21日で期限切れとなり、それまでの期間中にお客様へ直接セキュリティ・カードが送付されます。実際のセキュリティカードを受け取られ、説明に沿って有効化していただきますと、オンライン・カードは無効化されます。フィジカル・セキュリティカードは一定期間過ぎますと口座保有者によって有効化されなくても自動で有効化されます。IB Key(スマートフォンのデジタルセキュリティアプリ)を使用する場合は電話番号の承認が必要となります。承認はスマートフォンのアプリより直接行えます。承認方法の詳細はでKB2260ご確認いただけます。
1. セキュリティ・コード・カード - クレジットーカード上の224の数字とアルファベットのコード

2. デジタル・セキュリティ・カード+ - デジタル・セキュリティ・カードと似ていますが、Challengeコードの入力により、追加の保護が設定されています。

3. IB Key – PINコードによって起動するiPhoneアプリ

[1] カードの紛失、破損、盗難、もしくは口座を閉鎖してカードの返却をされない場合、カードの損失費用が発生いたします。この費用は利用されたカードタイプによりUSD 20~USD 150になります。


Verification of Mobile Telephone Numbers


Clients who have completed the steps of verifying their mobile telephone numbers with IB will be able to receive account related communications directly to their phones in the form of a text message (SMS). This will help to reduce the need to access the Account Management Message Center for information on items such as Funding. In addition, a verified mobile number is a prerequisite for using the IB Key Authentication via IBKR Mobile or the SMS as second factor authentication.

Verification of a mobile number may be done through one of the following methods:

  • Set up messaging for your mobile telephone number. Please see KB2552 for details
  • Activate the IB Key Authentication via IBKR Mobile on your smartphone. Please see KB2260 for details


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