How do I change my email address?


To change your email address, you will first need to submit the request through Client Portal. From within Client Portal select Settings followed by User Settings and then click the gear icon next to Email Address in the Communication section. If you have access to your old email, we will send a secure confirmation number to your existing email address. You will then be prompted to enter the confirmation number and your new email. If you do not have access to your old email, you will be prompted to enter your current password along with your new email address. Click Submit to complete the request.

Glossary terms: 

Can I change my password online?


Account holders who are able to log in to Client Portal may change their password by selecting the Settings section followed by User Settings and clicking the gear icon next to the word "Password" in the Login section. Passwords must be between 6 and 40 characters in length and must contain at least one alpha and one numeric character.

Account holders who are unable to log into Client Portal may change their password through the Online Password Reset tool. The password rules stated above will still apply. You may either click HERE, use the "Forgot Password?" link at the bottom of the Client Portal login or click the link provided upon an invalid login to TWS to request a password reset.



Passwords greater than 8 characters in length are only supported on newer versions of IBKR's software. More details are provided on the password reset page within Client Portal. Account holders may also contact Client Service for assistance with password changes. For security purposes, all log in issues and password requests can only be addressed once the identity of the named account holder has been verified.

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